Our Staff

Come meet our staff here at Ecorse Public Library!

Meet Katie, our Library Director!

Katie is one of the youngest library directors in the state of Michigan, having worked as director for public libraries in Western Michigan before joining us in Ecorse. She is passionate about our community and establishing the Ecorse Public Library as a welcoming space in the city. Katie is a kind and warm presence and brings optimism and great ideas at every turn! Fun fact about Katie: She has three children, all under the age of four! She can do it all!

Katie’s favorite book is “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls.

Meet Alice, our Head Librarian and Program Coordinator!

Alice has extensive library experience spanning federal, public, and international academic libraries. She leads the great majority of our programming at EPL. Alice has a tremendous amount of passion for libraries and librarianship. She is actually a second-generation librarian, a great rarity in our industry. Fun fact about Alice: She once taught water skiing without ever having water skied herself! Alice says she is so excited to serve our patrons and she can’t wait to meet everyone!

Alice’s favorite book is “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn,” by Betty Smith.

Meet Madison, our Library Clerk and Marketing Coordinator!

Madison is a trained artist from Seattle, Washington. She is our resident graphic designer and website manager. She will be one of the first points of service when the library opens, and also plans to contribute greatly to programming. Fun fact about Madison: She loves animals and has a whole zoo in her house, including dogs, cats and bunnies! Madison says, “I’m counting down the days and can’t wait to read with you!”

Her all-time favorite book series is Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP.

Meet Oliver, our Library Clerk!

Oliver is nearly done with their Library and Information Science degree. They are particularly passionate about collection organization! They help tremendously in our social media outreach efforts, and they are playing a huge role in the redevelopment of our collections. They will be one of the first points of service when the library opens. Fun fact about Oliver- they are a third-generation musician and have two degrees in French Horn Performance. Oliver says, “I’m just so excited to have the library open and be serving the community!”

Their all-time favorite book series is the “Lord of the Rings Trilogy.”

The EPL will remain closed while much needed facility updates are underway. We'll keep you posted!