Library Search Example

Library Catalog

Use the search bar below or at the top of the page to search our catalog. Make sure to select the checkbox if you want to narrow search results to only the Ecorse Public Library.

Library Search Example
Simple Guide to Holds

1. Use the search bar to look for media that you are interested in and then hit the search button. 

2. If the book you are looking for is carried by one of the libraries in our network, you will see them listed under the search bar. The eCatalog will also list what formats (book/ebook/audiobook/etc.) that are available for checkout.

3. Once you have decided which book and format you want, click the title of the book that you want, and make sure the format you want has been selected.

4. Click the ‘Place Hold’ button. You will be asked to log in.

5. Type your library card number into the top line without spaces (Ex.: If you library card number is ‘4557 3215 3842’ enter it as ‘455732153842’).

Type your PIN number into the bottom line. You will have set up your PIN number when you registered for a library card. If you did not set a specific PIN number, the system will usually set your PIN as the last four digits of the phone you listed when you registered.

(If you can’t remember your PIN number you will need to call the library to either retrieve it or set a new one).

6. At this point the eCatalog will ask you to set a pickup location. This is where the book is going to be sent and where you can eventually pick it up. Make sure ‘Ecorse Public Library’ is set as the location.

7. Hit the ‘Submit Hold’ button. If your hold is successful, you will see a popup letting you know your hold as been placed.

It will take several days for the book to arrive at our library if it isn’t one we already own, so keep a lookout for a notification via either text or email. You will be notified in whatever way you choose when signing up.

Happy Reading!