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As of June 22, 2018, the following LearningExpress products include some or all the new features and functionality listed below:
  • LearningExpress Library
  • PrepSTEP for High Schools
  • PrepSTEP for Community Colleges
  • PrepSTEP for Colleges & Universities
  • LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator
  • Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success
  • GED Test Success
  • Family eLearning
Highlights of the new My Center Dashboard / My Assessments

The My Center / My Assessments components have been redesigned. The focus is usability and visual awareness of all available resources and user selected options.

  • Each category in My Center / My Assessments has a separate Tile to display all purchased products from a single dashboard. The dashboard displays Tests, Tutorials, eBooks, Computer Courses, Articles, Flash Cards, Career Dashboard and School Finder. This new layout improves usability of these components and gives a quick visual of what is available.
  • For learners with existing history in My Center / My Assessments, each Tile will display the last three accessed items. A Get Started button displays and leads directly to the category of item, if not previously accessed. 
  • Each category will have corresponding icons as visual prompts for the following actions; continue, download, delete, certificate, resume and results.
  • Every learner can download their results to a .CSV (comma delimited) file.
  • Menu options appear across the top of the dashboard for easy access and to help users move among My Center Tiles.


  • The Test Tile provides an overview of the number of tests in progress with completed tests.
  • Each test displays the last three active sessions including completed, still in progress and scores.
  • Percentages of completion are shown numerically as well as in iconography. Users can resume in-progress tests or delete.
  • In the Test category, learners can access Study Guides that direct them to developmental options, skills improvement recommendations and practice links to master subject areas.
  • A link to the Score report is found on this window, with an option to Review Answers. This allows users to focus on the areas that need improvement.
  • Scores are displayed numerically as well as with iconography.
  • The Tutorial Tile shows which tutorials are in progress and have been completed, with added In-progress and development options. All tutorials can be restarted as new when needed.
  • A link to the Score report is available from the Tutorials Tile.
  • Certificates of completion can be download and printed as a PDF.
eBooks, Flashcards, and Articles
  • The Tiles for eBooks, Flashcards and Articles have functionality to download and delete.
Computer Courses
  • Computer Courses Tile displays the number of In Progress and Completed courses.
  • For completed courses the user can print certificates or delete the course.

Career Dashboard

  • The Career Dashboard provides access to all versions of the user’s resume, along with cover letters available.
  • Saved Job Searches and jobs are available for review.
  • School Finder Dashboard
  • This dashboard keeps a history of all saved colleges and universities and has functionality to show multiple schools comparisons.
  • Users can now save all school searches for future reference.

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