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Looking for volunteer opportunities to support the Ecorse Public Library?

Below you can see a brief list where the Friends could use your help.
Sign up to volunteer! Call the EPL at (313) 389-2030 send an email cpinkston@ecorse.lib.mi.us

Special Events

This committee proposes, plans and coordinates logistics for Friends parties, events and other large gatherings. Works closely with membership and publicity.

Job Descriptions – Volunteer
Events Coordinator:

Plan and oversee 7- 12 events per year. About 10 hours per month.

Event Team Members:

Work with vendors of food and beverage, obtain donations and in-kind contributions. 5 hours per month, find performers and coordinate timing, facility needs, decorations, signage, devise and coordinate small-scale fundraisers work with publicity committee to produce and distribute all necessary publicity materials and work with membership committee to find volunteers for tasks above. As much or as little time as necessary.


This committee proposes, plans and coordinates book, music, arts and cultural programs for library patrons. Works closely with publicity and the library director.

Program Leader (several needed):

Takes the lead in devising and/or implementing plan for specific program or program series (speakers, movies, performances, exhibitions). 10-20 hours per month during program period.

Program Assistants (many needed):

Works with program leader to invite participants, coordinate schedules, work with publicity committee to attract audience. 5-10 hours per month during program.

Membership Liaison:

Work with membership committee to recruit audience members and volunteers (see below). 5-10 hours per month


This committee collects book donations; sorts, organizes and sells books in the library’s bookstore and the annual book sale. Works closely with membership and the library staff.

Job Descriptions – Volunteer
Sales Coordinator:

Set dates and conditions for annual sale and smaller sales, and for meetings and work periods leading up to the sales. 5 hours per month, 10 per month before annual sale.

Store Coordinator:

Coordinate hours and workers for the store, oversee plan for shelving and display of materials. 5-10 hours per month.
Donation Sorters (many needed). Organize received books in library storage space according to category. Variable 1-10 hours per month.


Handle receipt of cash at book sales, and store during store hours. Devise system for payment of Friends items with library circulation staff. 5 hours per month. Staff book store and book sale. Variable 2-10 hours per month.


This committee develops membership, coordinates recruitment efforts and data, tracks members and dues, and maintains communications among members.

Program Committee Liaison:

Maintain connection with program committee, and make sure Friends membership information is promoted as appropriate at all Friends of the Library events (see above). 5-10 hours per month

Publicity Committee Liaison:

Develop and maintain inventory of Friends marketing information including brochures, flyers, and other materials as appropriate to market and promote friends membership. Maintain Friends display in the library and the Friends bookstore area (see below). 5-10 hours per month.

Membership Welcome Team Member:

Develop, maintain and distribute “welcome packets” for new Friends members, including follow up with those new members who indicate they want to be active in the organization. 10 hours per month in initial month, 5 hours per month thereafter.

New Member Outreach Team Member:

Actively seek out new members in particular settings (organizations, assemblies). Encourage existing Friends to recruit friends and neighbors. 5 hours per week.

Meeting Coordinator:

Schedule meetings, facilitate needed materials and refreshments.

Membership Committee Coordinator:

Maintain communication among all members of membership committee, take minutes at meetings, liaison with Friends leadership. 10-20 hours per month.

Publicity/Social Media:

This committee provides basic public relations, marketing, web and social networking services. Works closely with all committees and coordinates with library marketing director.

Job Descriptions – Volunteer
Graphic Designers:

Produce graphics, event invitations, posters, flier templates. 5-10 hours per month.


Maintain web-based list of events and activities and engage on Friends website and social media sites and engage directly with participants. 10 hour per month.

Press Liaison:

Contact local news sources and others regarding Friends events, issue press releases. 5-10 hours per month.

Downtown Liaison:

Work with local businesses, government and nonprofits to post flyers and find other means for increasing visibility of Friends events. Maintain Friends entries on community calendars. 5-10 hours per month.

School(s) Liaison:

Work with school district and private schools to increase visibility of friends activities. 5 hours per month.

Membership Committee Liaison:

Communicates with Friends members in coordination with Membership Committee (see above)

Social Media:

Schedule Facebook posts and Tweets for upcoming events, news and topics of interest to members.

Special Projects:

Not a committee but a set of tasks coordinated by the Friends in close cooperation with the Library Director. Potential tasks include:

Processing library material as directed.
Providing volunteer support for the reference desk, circulation desk and material stacks.
Working with the Library Board on fundraising.
Developing plans for tutoring, book delivery to the homebound and related service (eventually to become a Service Committee).






The EPL will remain closed while much needed facility updates are underway. We'll keep you posted!

EPL Board Meeting will be held Monday, February 14, 2022 at 6:00 pm at Ecorse City Hall in Council Chambers. Public is welcome to attend. Masks are required.


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