Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What are your hours?

10 pm – 6 pm: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and 12 pm – 5 pm Saturday.   We are closed on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and on national holidays.

How do I get a library card?

You must show us a valid photo ID, proof of your residency in Ecorse (these can both be on one document, such as a driver’s license or state ID) and fill out a short form, in person. You can do this at the circulation desk.  We will check to make sure you aren’t already registered here or at another library in The Library Network, of which we are a member. If you are, you can continue to use your existing account here. If not, we will register you for a new card. For more information about library cards, see the policy page.

Can I check out here with a card from another library?

You can check out materials if you hold a card from any other library in The Library Network. You can find out more about this collaborative group of libraries on their website, and about checking things out from us on our policy page. Similarly, valid card holders can check out items from any of the other TLN libraries. Holds can be placed for items at those libraries to be sent here or vice versa

Do I have to return your items to your library?

No, you can return them to any TLN library, or return any other TLN libraries materials here. Whatever is most convenient for you!

How long can I check things out for?

Books check out for three weeks.
CDs, Magazines, and Movies all check out for one week.
Video games check out for three weeks.

Are there any limits on how many items I can check out at a time?

Books, CDs, Magazines, and Movies all have no limit. You may check out as many as you like at a time, but keep the late fees in mind.
Video games are limited to two checked out at a time per patron.

How many times can I renew an item?

All materials other than movies may be renewed indefinitely, provided there are no holds on that title for another patron.
Movies may not be renewed, no exceptions. They must be returned, and on the shelf for 24 hours, before the same patron can check them out again.

Are there any borrowing or rental fees?

We do not charge any borrowing or rental fees for any of our items. We used to charge for Blu-Ray movies, but this is no longer the case. Keep late fees in mind however.

What are the late fees? Are there any other fees?

Late Fees:
Children’s books and video games: $0.10 per day late
Adult books, CDs, and Magazines: $0.20 per day late
Regular Movies (Blu-ray and DVD): $1.00 per day late
Kids Movies (Blu-ray, DVD, and VHS): $0.50 per day late
Other fees:
Lost or damaged materials will incur a replacement fee, based on our cost to replace the item. Replacement copies must be identical to the original item.
While initial library cards are free, replacement cards cost $2.00.
Books returned via the book drop before we are open for the day will be checked in as though they were returned on the previous day that we were open. Thus if a book is returned at 8 am on Thursday, it will have a check in date of the Tuesday before. If a book is dropped off at 9 am on a Monday, it will be checked in as though it had been returned the previous Saturday, and so on. Holidays are always taken into account when checking items in and determining due dates.

Can I use your computers?

Everyone can use our public computer workstations.
If you have a library card from any TLN library, you can use it and the PIN you set up for the online catalog, if you don’t know it, please ask us to look it up for you to log in.

Kids can use the kid computers; adults must use the adult computers, unless they are with a child. Parents or guardians must explicitly give permission for their children to use the computers, either in person each visit, or by signing a computer contract for each child. More information can be found on our policy page.

Computer sessions last for 30 minutes. If there is no waiting list, you may have your time refreshed as many times as you need by asking at the circulation desk before your session times out.

Please note: Use of the public computers is largely unrestricted, but keep in mind that it is a privilege that we may revoke at any time given cause. You are in a public place with other people around and must act accordingly. As such: Listening to audio content will require headphones. You may use your own, buy some from us, or borrow a loaner pair from us. Even with headphones on, keep the volume to a reasonable level.

Accessing inappropriate content or engaging in illegal activity is considered grounds for revoking computer use privileges, at a minimum. For more specifics you can read our official computer use policy statement. In general, be considerate of your fellow patrons. Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave for the day.

What if I don’t have a library card?

If you do not have a card, we can give you a guest pass. These passes are only good for two login attempts on the day that they are issued.

Can I print?

Yes!  To print, you must pre-load your card by paying cash at the circulation desk. Printing costs $0.10 per page for black and white, just as with photocopies. Print jobs are released from the print release station in the back of the computer room, with instructions posted nearby. Library cards will hold any leftover print value indefinitely, guest passes can be returned to the circulation desk to get your change back or the money will be lost.

Color printing and photocopying is now available! In order to print in color from a public workstation, one must be using one of the youth computers. If you need to print in color as an adult, ask at the desk for a youth computer pass and load money onto it to cover the printing costs. Color prints and copies are each $0.25 per page.

Do you have a fax machine?

Yes!  The cost to send a fax is what it costs us to send it, which is based on the area code of the number it is being sent to.
Local area codes: 248, 313, 586, 734, and 810 cost $1 for the first page, and $0.10 for each additional page.

Long distance area codes: Within the U.S. cost $1 per page. Outside the U.S. are $5 per page, when possible, we will have to check the destination number.

Toll free numbers (800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888) are free.

It costs $0.10 per page to receive a fax regardless of the point of origin.

Do you accept book donations?

Yes! We are happy to accept donations, with the following caveats:
We take most books, CDs, or movies that are in good condition
No magazines
No textbooks or encyclopedias, or similar materials that become outdated quickly
Donated materials may be considered for the collection, but their most likely destination is our ongoing book sale, which helps us raise funds for Friends of the Ecorse Public Library. Thus, even if we don’t add your donated materials to our collection we still greatly appreciate it.

Can I check out eBooks from you?  How?

Yes, we provide access to many eBooks through Overdrive, a collaborative ebook lending site. This access is part of our TLN membership, and we have no control over the specific titles available, which tend to change frequently. See our eBooks page for more information. We also own the rights to digitally access thousands of titles digitally, directly through our online catalog. For more information, see our eBooks page.

How do I check eBooks back in?

Some Overdrive titles will allow you to check them in early, others do not. All of them will automatically check themselves back in after the due date expires, meaning they can never be returned late. The Ecorse Public Library Digital Collection titles will do the same, unless they do not ever need to be checked back in, though this is rare.



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