Ecorse Public Library Card Policy




A library card is a contract between a library patron and the Ecorse Public Library ensuring library services to Ecorse residents when certain conditions have become met.  All contracts have rights and responsibilities.  Library cardholders have the right to borrow materials and the responsibility to return said materials within the time period allotted and in their original condition upon loan.  The Ecorse Public Library has the right, on behalf of the taxpayers of the City of Ecorse, to determine policies and standards for issuance of library cards and use of library resources, including internet use.

The Ecorse Public Library is funded through a millage assessment to taxpayers/residents of the City of Ecorse.  Therefore, library cards will be issued and services granted to residents of the City of Ecorse upon presentation of valid identification.  Acceptable forms of identification include a valid Michigan Driver’s License or State of Michigan Identification card with an Ecorse address, a tax statement, mortgage, or property title issued in the applicant’s name with an Ecorse address.  A current gas or electric bill in the name of the applicant which lists an Ecorse address may also be accepted upon approval of the Library Director/Librarian.  Library cards must be renewed annually.  ALL fines and fees must be paid in full prior to renewal.

Children under the age of eighteen (18)

Children under the age of eighteen years (18) years of age who reside in Ecorse are eligible to receive a library card.  To make application, they MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a picture identification and proof of residency within the City of Ecorse.  To obtain a card for a child, for which they will be responsible, the parent or guardians account must be in good standing with the library (i.e. all fines and fees are paid in full).  Guardians will be required to present a copy of a current letter of authority or order appointing them as guardian.  The parent or guardian must co-sign for the library card and be responsible for all debts/obligations/fines incurred by their child and for the return or loss of materials borrowed by heir child.  The child must be able to sign/print their name.  The Ecorse Public Library reserves the right to combine and transfer all fines/fees from the minor’s account to that of he signing parent or legal guardian.  If fines/fees on any account reach $5.00 or more, there is an automatic block placed on the borrower’s card which renders the borrower ineligible for any library use.  Library cards are replaceable at a $1.00 fee or renewable each year to patrons in good standing.  A patron in good standing is one not owing any fines, fees, or having any overdue materials.  The library reserves the right to request full payment of any outstanding balance at any time.


Non-resident Property Owners

If you are a property owner in the City of Ecorse you are eligible for a library card.  You’ll need to bring in current proof of your property ownership, for example, a recent tax bill or tax payment receipt or a deed to said property, and a valid photo identification (driver’s license, state ID) with your current address.



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