Children’s Programs














Library time is active, not passive.


Maybe in your mind the library is an eerily quiet place with lots of shushing. But today’s youngest library patrons engage — with books and magazines, with librarians, and with other kids. Most libraries offer regular children’s programs that make stories come to life. (Think puppets, costumes, and animated storytellers.) And often this magic happens in cozy corners where kids flop down on big pillows and bean-bag chairs.


Click the pic and take a look at some of the engaging  children’s programs that are current taking place in libraries across the country.    Currently, the EPL has several children’s programs that’s endanger of falling by the wayside due to a lack of participation.  The community in partnership with the EPL must correct this.  How?  Do your part to be informed through EPL, this website and school!  Perhaps new programs would help, but in order to do this we need children and parents to participate!  Make suggestions for new program ideas, then volunteer!  We’re anxious to hear what you think!  Please respond by submitting your thoughts and ideas via our “Contact Us” page or call us at (313) 389-2030 or visit us at: 4184 W. Jefferson Ave., Ecorse, MI 48229.