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Ecorse Public Library Board Annual Plan 2021 – 22

This document is intended to provide building blocks for the 2021-22 Ecorse Public Library (EPL) Annual Plan.

It includes current information and analysis regarding the EPL plus a list of objectives and action steps intended to help ensure the EPL’s success in 2022 continues and beyond.

This plan aligns with the 2021 EPL Budget adopted by the Ecorse Public Library Board in July 2021.


The Ecorse Public Library Board (EPLB) is rebuilding physically and administratively.  We have seated a positive, progressive, diverse Board that has demonstrated their willingness to serve the City of Ecorse.  Our current Board members have been noted for exemplary engagement with the community it serves. Collectively, we are prepared to create a community hub with the Ecorse Public Library (EPL and the Ecorse Historical Society (EHS) as its core.

Yes, the EPL is a Class 3 library, but our goal is to receive recognition as a thriving, progressive, diverse, information station and a community hub.  We can do this! This transformation will be based upon widely recognized industry standards that places EPL’s performance in the top ten percent of institutions from among nearly 6,000 public libraries in the United States.  The most urgent goal of the EPL and the EPLB is to earn a resounding positive vote by the community to increase the library’s tax levy.  This will not only affirm the high-level of confidence in the EPL among the voting public but, also, helps assure a solid financial footing for the foreseeable future.

These must achieve goals will demonstrate strength and success. The EPL must build upon this in 2022 with extensive efforts to develop a new institutional strategic plan. This work must include stakeholder focus groups about the EPL conducted with citizens from throughout the City of Ecorse, an in-depth survey of residents about the EPL, analysis of community demographics and library use, examination of library industry and information technology trends, study of EPL human, financial, and capital resources, and review of other institutional strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. The outcome of this comprehensive effort should result in the adoption of a new EPL strategic plan in 2022. This annual plan will work in support of the strategic plan.  2020 was notorious due to the negative consequences for the City of Ecorse from the COVID-19 public health crisis. This catastrophe impacted the entire world.  Its dire influence on the local community is difficult to overstated.  The EPL has been forced to respond to this and the lack of a 2021 EPL pandemic continues to have calamitous repercussions now. It required EPL to expend much of its energy and resources in 2020 and dramatically revamp services and activities and with poor administrative leadership as well as an unfilled EPLB, we failed.  This institution can be resilient with an ongoing focus on providing the best possible library service to the community during an extraordinarily challenging time. The EPL must move forward in a judicious manner in 2022 including providing services as public health conditions allow, working on the strategic plan, and key effort on its master facilities plan. All the factors outlined above confirm the importance of the EPL’s dedication to forethought, accountability, and service plus strong support for the institution from the community it serves. Our tactics, and strategies must be consistently aimed at providing the finest library service for downriver residents. This will relate directly to its success in coming years. The EPL will strive in 2022 to implement specific objectives in further support of this. The objectives and action steps delineated below are intended to accomplish this aim. The 2022 planning process must be different from others undertaken in recent years. This year—in large measure due to the exigencies of the pandemic—we had no plan. Our 2022 plan will largely derive more from administrative leadership with review to ensure it supports the institution’s mission and long-range goals. Each 2022 objective is listed in alphabetical order below and accompanied by action steps intended to facilitate their accomplishment. These are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all that will happen at the EPL in 2022. Rather, it includes those objectives that represent significant new initiatives for 2022 along with others identified with notable bearing on institutional resources. This document is the outcome of much consideration and effort, and it provides positive direction for the EPL in fulfilling its overarching aim to provide the best possible public library service to the community.


I. Adjust library service in to improve access to EPL materials, services, and


Action Steps

  1. Review current library service.
  2. Assemble improvement alternatives.
  3. Implement recommended changes and evaluate outcome.

II. Adopt policy aligned with recent state legislation to better protect library user personal information.

Action Steps

  1. Appraise legal requirements and relevant EPL policy.
  2. Write new policy aligned with recommended best practices aligned with the law.
  3. Seek approval from the Board of Trustees and implement.

III. Assess EPL’s adult collection of materials to assure appropriate diversity of titles representative of different groups and cultures to foster equitable access.

Action Steps

  1. Assign project tasks to individuals for collection evaluation and re-cataloging using agreed-upon criteria.
  2. Make appropriate collection additions and withdrawals.
  3. Adjust subject headings on selected titles
  4. Evaluate project results.

IV. Carryout programming activities aligning virtual events with those that are in-person.

 Action Steps

  1. Continue to accommodate public health guidelines offering virtual programs only,

when appropriate.

  1. Reinstitute in-person events when public health guidelines allow.
  2. Determine appropriate mix of virtual and in-person events.
  3. Assess outcomes of the new hybrid model and adjust for best impact.

V. Complete an internal cybersecurity assessment to protect library data and

Information Technology assets.

Action Steps

  1. Inspect current EPL cybersecurity protocols comparing with industry standards.
  2. Make recommended changes to organization policies and procedures, and
  3. implement agreed-upon measures.
  4. Evaluate outcomes to ensure district needs are met

VI. Conclude implementation of the “fine free” program to gauge its impact on library district key results.

Action Steps

  1. Complete steps for starting the “fine free” program.
  2. Evaluate impact, report, and adjust, as indicated

VII. Coordinate EPL sponsored cultural and educational programs with library collections of materials to maximize community impact.

Action Steps

  1. Assign a team of internal experts to address the issue.
  2. Review and adopt recommendations for integration of these services.
  3. Assess results.

VIII. Deploy planned and budgeted changes to the library district’s Information Technology infrastructure to include wireless access points and printing, a firewall, battery backup units, photocopiers, and primary Internet Service Provider.

Action Steps

  1. Procure specified equipment and software.
  2. Train staff and implement applications.
  3. Assess deployments to ensure EPL needs are met.

IX. Establish practices to track data pertinent to EPL’s community economic impact.

Action Steps

  1. Convene a work group to recommend best options.
  2. Put procedures in place to record desired information.
  3. Gauge benefit of new process.

X. Evaluate the current credit card merchant process to ensure it is current and cost effective.

Action Steps

  1. Review costs and benefits of the current program.
  2. Solicit information from vendors on alternatives.
  3. Make informed change or maintain existing program.
  4. Analyze results and implement agreed-upon actions.

XI. Review library facilities’ security assessments using City of Ecorse & Homeland Security standards to better ensure safe operations

Action Steps

  1. Employ certified security assessment agency and determine timeline for work.
  2. Review each site to understand current vulnerabilities and develop a plan for
  3. desired changes.
  4. Make changes and assess outcomes for each site.

XII. Examine EPL corporate insurance to ensure the best cost-effective solution is in place.

Action Steps

  1. Survey the marketplace for options for the EPL.
  2. Select and implement best lowest-cost options.

XIII. Increase staff support for EPL web services to improve patron access to library information and services.

Action Steps

1. Increase investment into EPL’s website support and development.

2. Identify and assign additional tasks.

3. Evaluate use of the EPL website and assess outcome.

XIV. Institute organizational curriculum goals and measures for library employee training.

Action Steps

  1. Establish a team to lead this process.
  2. Determine best practices for the EPL.
  3. Start new program and analyze impact.

XV. Investigate the EPL’s processes related to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to implement and ensure compliance. 

 Action Steps

  1. Review the current PCI implementation.
  2. Update processes to align with current requirements.
  3. Assess success of the project.

XVI. Launch a new EPL Smartphone application to better engage the public with library


Action Steps

  1. Integrate the selected application with other library systems.
  2. Develop marketing materials and train staff.
  3. Launch application and evaluate results.

XVIII. Modernize the EPL’s Information Technology policies to assure adherence to industry best practices.

Action Steps

  1. Review current policies and compare with peer institutions.
  1. Assess pertinent best practices.
  2. Write policies aligned with EPL’s interests and activities.
  3. Seek approval from the Trustees to adopt new policies and assess outcomes.

XIX. Review the EPL Information Technology telecommunications network topology* with consideration for improved reliability and flexibility.

Action Steps

  1. Employ industry expertise to devise proposed topology.
  2. Create and implement work plan to instigate revisions.
  3. Review and report on outcomes.

XX. Provide in-kind support to initiate the formulation of Ecorse Public Library & Ecorse Historical Society Foundation Leadership Academy for young people.

Action Steps

  1. Develop curriculum including a mentorship component.
  2. Foster relations with feeder organizations* and recruit students to participate.
  3. Carryout year one of the new project and analyze results.

XXI. Put into place new services for the aging population.

Action Steps

  1. Develop community partnerships with relevant organizations to better reach the

aging population.

  1. Seek grants to support these programs and services.
  2. Provide library materials and programs specifically for seniors including seeking

input on needs and preferences for these.

XXII. Renovate the EPL to improve library physical facilities

Action Steps

  1. Complete design development and commence construction.
  2. Restructure services service during construction and keep the public informed.

XXIII. Respond to the changing conditions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to provide the best possible public library services to Wayne County residents.

Action Steps

  1. Monitor and adhere to applicable state and local COVID-19 public health

pronouncements and guidelines.

  1. Adjust library services in response to evolving circumstances.

XXIV. Review EPL security to improve safety and protection.

Actions Steps

  1. Meet with the Ecorse Department of Public Safety to review/implement plan.
  2. Review and update internal coverages, procedures, and protocols.
  3. Train and implement on changes.
  4. Gauge effectiveness of new processes and revise, as required.

XXV. Review and update the materials use policies of the EPL

Action Steps

  1. Revise current policies.
  2. Review updates with stakeholders.
  3. Seek Trustees’ approval.
  4. Communicate newly adopted policy documents and provide appropriate training.

XXVI. Review the EPL’s Finance policies to align with current best practices.

Actions Steps

1. Review current policies and compare with those of similar institutions and best

industry practices.

2. Write Finance policies to ensure EPL’s governance and activities are optimal.

3. Work with the Trustees to update, adopt and implement new policies.

XXVII. Start an EPL capital fundraising campaign.

Actions Steps

  1. Organize initial campaign logistics to launch by early 2nd quarter.
  2. Develop marketing and collateral materials for the project.
  3. Build upon the fundraising program with a targeted solicitation plan.

XXVIII. Streamline management of public use circulating information devices such as hotspots, tablets, and laptops to help bridge the digital divide in Ecorse.

Action Steps

  1. Audit current processes and assets.
  2. Determine best practices and apply changes.
  3. Evaluate new procedures for effectiveness.

XXIX. Update the EPL’s Information Technology Capital Replacement Plan to ensure appropriate future upgrades and support for critical systems.

Action Steps

  1. Complete evaluation of current Information Technology Capital Replacement Plan inventory.
  2. Revise acquisition calendar in alignment with current best practices and projected needs.
  3. Communicate new plan to stakeholders and assess fiscal impact.

XXX. Implement Preventative Maintenance (PM) checks on lighting and HVAC systems.

Action Steps

  1. Review current systems and determine specifications for replacements.
  2. Perform an open bidding process to solicit best, lowest-cost systems.
  3. Contract to put in place new systems and proceed with upgrades.

XXXI. Work to enhance EPL’s work culture embracing diversity and inclusion.

Action Steps

1. Assign work group to recommend best workplace practices.

2. Review and adopt accepted suggestions.

3. Commence implementation.

* Network Topology

Network topology is the arrangement of the elements (links, nodes, etc.) of a communication network. Network topology can be used to define or describe the arrangement of various types of telecommunication networks, including command and control radio networks, industrial fieldbuses and computer networks.

The EPL will remain closed while much needed facility updates are underway. We'll keep you posted!

EPL Board Meeting will be held Monday, February 14, 2022 at 6:00 pm at Ecorse City Hall in Council Chambers. Public is welcome to attend. Masks are required.


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