Violation of Ecorse Public Library Policies










Any person not abiding by the established rules and regulations of this policy adopted by the Library Board may be denied the privilege of access to the library or its resources by the Library Director or his designee.  Library staff will contact law enforcement authorities if illegal activities are observed or reported.  Based on the nature of the offense, warnings and other preliminary steps may be bypassed.



  1. Initial Violation: Library patrons observed violating this policy will be asked to cease the violation with a verbal warning.  If the patron does not comply with the verbal request, he/she will be asked to leave the building for the day.  If he/she refuses, law enforcement may be called.
  2. Subsequent Violations: The Director or his designee may further limit or revoke the patron’s library privileges if the infractions continue.  The patron must leave the library for the day and computer privileges are revoked for a period of one week.
  3. Third Violation: Library patron’s computer and library privileges are revoked for one month.  If the patron is a minor, the parent(s)/guardian will be notified.
  4. Violations that affect Safety and Security: Activities or behavior that threaten safety and/or security of Library staff or patrons and violate Local, State or Federal Laws including but not limited to child pornography, sexual harassment, vandalism, theft or any behavior that threatens safety and security will warrant an immediate call to law enforcement officers and revocation of all library privileges.



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