Teen Reads – February Selection

Diary Of A Broken Doll
By Tatum James

  Abused from a young age, Courtney is left to carve out her own path. But getting the life she wants will be harder than she thought… A powerful read.

Flyy Girl meets The Coldest Winter Ever with a modern dramatic twist. Want to hear a tale about drugs, lust, and betrayal?

The coming of age of a young girl, abused and abandoned by her mother, left to find her own way. Life may not start out all peaches and cream for Courtney…but with a little savvy and a lot of determination, she might just turn it all around. Join her on a journey from innocence to independence. Determined not to be consumed by life’s struggles, Courtney learns to take advantage of the obstacles she faces.

Will she self-destruct or burn bright?

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